Interactive and Immersive Encounters: AI Ritual

Interactive and Immersive Encounters: AI Ritual

Provide your audiences with large-scale immersive encounters with the changes we are collectively facing. Present and existing work or let’s talk about a commission!

We believe that people need to inhabit changes if they’re going to do anything about them—to be responsible we need to make sense of things ourselves. Our large-scale productions provide immersive experiences for audiences that allow them to make sense of what’s going on.

Example: AI Ritual

AI Ritual is an immersive performance work driven by a large language model (LLM) that was trained by UKAI. A co-production with STO Union, the work was initially presented at the Spy on Me festival at Hebbel am ufer (HAU1) in Berlin in September 2022 and at Out Loud! in Wakefield, PQ in November 2022.   This project responded to growing questions and anxiety about AI. AI Ritual allows the audience to share their hopes and fears with a computer that listens. The audience’s varied responses provide a basis for the AI to articulate its own hopes and fears before being erased so that the cycle of being born, learning, speaking, and dying can begin again. Audiences become part of a performance that constitutes and makes visible how human choices are tangled up in the technological systems that organize our social and economic lives.


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