Site Activation: Shipwreck

Site Activation: Shipwreck

Transform your site into an immersive and interactive landscape where audiences can confront and make sense of the massive changes we are undergoing. Visitors are invited to inhabit ecological and technological changes and make their own contributions in response.

Multiple works, in dialogue, explore different facets of living in a volatile world. Artists are commissioned from your community to add their own contributions to make a ‘home’ among these ruins

We bring abstract and complex issues such as climate change, artificial intelligence, and rising authoritarianism into tangible and relatable experiences. Through storytelling and artistic expression, immersive exhibitions encourage participants to engage with these global challenges on a personal and collective level.

Reach out if you’d like to transform your site into a creative hub where diverse voices and perspectives interact, allowing for deep reflection, dialogue, and action. By grounding these massive changes in real-world contexts, we help foster a sense of shared responsibility and ownership over the narratives we construct about our rapidly changing world.

Example: Shipwreck: Iceland  

Shipwreck, a month-long intervention in partnership with SIM Residency in Iceland, was more than an art exhibition. It was a place of grieving, an open space for creation, and a massive, immersive, experiential platform designed to bring abstract and overwhelming concepts down to earth. Six artists from Canada brought ruins of potential futures. Six Icelandic artists were then tasked with ‘making a home’ among these ruins. Then the public made their own offerings and adaptations.   The exhibition received national press coverage and drew large audiences, despite its distance from the downtown core. Bringing Shipwreck to your location will foster deep community engagement and dialogue. It encourages participants to confront global issues through personal and collective storytelling in beautiful and poignant ways and outside of the ideologies that too often lead to conflict.   Shipwreck invites everyone to contribute their interpretations and responses, creating a sense of shared responsibility and ownership over what happens next.

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