UKAI has a home!

UKAI has a home!

UKAI has a home!!!

In September of 2023, UKAI signed a 2.5-year lease to occupy the 4th floor of 379 Adelaide St. West in Toronto (right at Spadina). We're sharing the space with Bygone Theatre (who drove the whole thing forward) and Vodkow, a really innovative start-up that makes liquor. We're calling the space The Bridge. We'll let you do the research to figure out why.

There is currently over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of unused commercial space in Toronto and the number is expected to rise. This is an ideal moment for artists and arts organizations to occupy these ruins of COVID and work-from-home and turn them over to other uses.

There's an old expression we like which argues for "paving where they walk". Basically, instead of marking footpaths on a map and then hoping that people use them, we should pay attention to where people actually walk and then build the road under their feet.

We'll be following a similar model and see the coming months as an opportunity to invite you into the space where we can collectively figure out how it might best be used. There will be no fees, no charges, no contracts, no agreements while we work through this together.

Basically, come build and collaborate. Each Tuesday we're in town we'll be hosting an open studio to share projects, get feedback, hang out, and meet some new people. Today is the first so if you're in Toronto and around this afternoon (1 to 5), come by and see us. But feel free to come by at another time, and feel your way into things.

We're in The Bridge from 10 to 6 most days and we have a bunch of workshops and events upcoming if you want to ease your way into things. Send us a note at if you want to schedule a pop-by, DM us on Instagram, or send one of us a note on our Discord server.

On September 15, 2023, we launched our GROUND game and began hosting tabletop role-playing nights bi-weekly thereafter. We've also been hosting workshops, created a low-key interruption in the chaos of Nuit Blanche, and threw a weird-ass Halloween party at the end of October.

There are many changes happening in the arts. There are whispers of large-scale failures to come. We are now five decades into a gradual mutation of the sector into a mirror of the moral positions of capitalism. This is particularly strange, as the arts seem well-positioned to reveal and ridicule these ideas but too often end up absorbing them.

All that said, the arts will be fine. Institutions will fail and disciplines will wane in relevance and importance. Art will still get made and we'd probably best start figuring out what the infrastructure and contexts for cultural production will need to be to deal with the world that's coming.

UKAI's vision is "Culture is for what's coming" and our mission is "Occupy the ruins". We may not always succeed in these objectives, but we hope to be transparent about the choices we make and how they align with our reason for being. Moving into the Bridge is a big step for us to be able to advance the research and development work we're doing and to create a semi-permanent home for others looking to do the same.

See you there!

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