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Please Don’t Understand This (Collective Assembly, Including Shared Meal)

Please Don’t Understand This (Collective Assembly, Including Shared Meal)

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  • Limited edition of 125 copies documenting the “Please Don’t Understand This” Project.
  • Includes: 98 Coloured pages (8.5 x 11), a Binder & UKAI Stickers
  • This Edition will be collectively assembled with the Artists and Designers on location in Toronto. Also, include a shared meal with Artists and Designers.
  • Meals and assembly occur every new Moon (Jan. 21, Feb. 20, and Mar. 21, 2023)

Please Don’t Understand This (2021-2022) invited creators in communities closest to issues centered in Western discourse on AI ethics to create their own visual symbols and languages to share their experiences of living in algorithmic culture without those administering those systems understanding what they were saying. These outputs were then remixed, without offered context, by creators in Toronto that identified with the source communities in Cairo, Egypt; Dzaleka, Malawi; and Beijing, China.

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